11.04.2017|Il Sole 24 Ore
State controlled oil and gas group Eni has officially confirmed a more than €2 billion investment plan from now until 2020 aimed at increasing upstream activities in north/central Adriatic. Their goal is to get back to producing 120,000 BOE (barrels of oil equivalent) per day, more than double their current amount of 53,000 BOE.
Yet upstream has a chance to reassume a role as a key factor in the growth of the local economy, the national economy (as a way of weaning Italy off its dependence on foreign fuels,) and Eni itself.
This scenario aims to create complete environmental sustainability and enormous technological innovations: one of the program’s main points is the drastically-reduced impact on the environment, thanks to mainly using already-existing installations and structures, as well as dismantling certain assets that no longer work within the plan to relaunch offshore activities. Eni will strive to begin decommissioning activities in Ravenna, and will work alongside all of the specialized organizations.