Main steps

Power Plants from 2003- to 2009

Technical assistance activities to the combined cycle plants

KCO Kashagan project from August 2004 to May 2013

Technical assistance activities on all phases of the project

The Consorcio OE Machala Ecuador from January 2015 today

Engineering activities 252 MW Combined Cycle Power Plan

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ETS was established in 2013 from the evolution of Elettra Energia SpA, a company established in 1995 by Fernando Poletti.

Proud of its twenty-year history, ETS offers its experience in different types of international projects, which have provided important references.

This has allowed ETS to establish itself in the field of multidisciplinary planning and project management in difficult conditions.

Over the years, ETS has been keeping up with the evolution of markets by expanding its core business, also thanks to the establishment of its technical subsidiary ETS Nexus, a Job Agency.

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